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Team Builder technology is FirstCalls new app that has the ability to call and bring together a list of responders, EOC managers and staff.
In less than 10 seconds FirstCall can deliver an emergency notification to your team, allowing for an immediate conference call. This call option eliminates the time spent setting up and entering in a PIN. This feature has the ability to create your personal first responder team.
For illustration, imagine an incident occurs at 1 a.m. and you need to know who can be rolling immediately.

Action 1. The Team Builder application makes phone calls to your list of team members. The initial team's needs include five first responders, one engineer and three safety staff members. As each team member receives the call, the person presses the digit 1 on the phone keypad to acknowledge they are responding to the incident immediately. When Team Builder recognizes the designated number of people in the three categories have responded, that particular callout stops.

Action 2. Simultaneously, the FirstCall Fixed List feature is calling all your other first responders as well as an unlimited number of your other emergency support personnel to deliver your instructions.