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Automation and personal choice of notifications have shifted from a novelty to a critical and expected function of effective emergency notifications. With Storm Alert, emergency managers now have a variety of choices to best leverage NOAA (National Weather Service) weather feeds.

Although the delivery methods and the types of messages to distribute are ultimately up to the client, many have chosen to empower the public as to the types of alerts they would like to receive and how they would like it delivered. What may be perceived by many as a minor or obvious weather event can be extremely important to others and worthy of a notification. Storm Alert takes the guesswork out of what messages NOAA alerts to send and provides the end user with the ability customize and update their preferences as their needs evolve.

Storm Alert allows our clients pick from NOAA’s comprehensive list of emergency events to best tailor the portal to meet the needs of your region. Below is a partial list of available alerts:

  • Avalanche Watch & Warning
  • Biological Hazard Warning
  • AMBER - Child Abduction Emergency
  • Coastal Flood Watch & Warning
  • Chemical Hazard Warning
  • Contagious Disease Warning
  • Dam Break Warning
  • Dust Storm Warning
  • Earthquake Warning
  • Flash Flood Warning, Watch, & Advisory
  • Flood Warning, Watch, & Advisory
  • Fire Warning
  • Freeze Warning
  • Hazardous Materials Warning
  • Heat Advisory
  • High Wind Warning & Watch
  • Land Slide Warning
  • Nuclear Power Plant Advisory
  • Special Weather Advisory
  • Shelter In-Place Warning
  • Severe Thunderstorm Watch & Warning
  • Severe Weather Advisory
  • Tornado Watch & Warning
  • Tropical Storm Watch & Warning
  • Tsunami Watch & Warning
  • Volcano Warning
  • Wild Fire Watch
  • Winter Storm Watch & Warning