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With a few clicks, detailed street level data of your region becomes easily accessible to provide you the power to deliver pinpoint accurate notifications when seconds really do matter.  FirstCall’s custom map software is fully compatible with ESRI mapping as well as other GIS mapping platforms.  

Location Tools:

  • Address – Select and mark a particular Street Address as a point of reference or center point for your activation.
  • Intersection – Designate and mark any two cross streets or highways.
  • Hot Spot – Pre-designated point of risk (i.e. facility, intersection).
  • Latitude and Longitude – Marks an exact geographic point. The customer types in the GPS location or gives it to the FirstCall Operator and the map will center on that exact location.

Area Selection Tools: Areas are selected by using the following tools: Radius, Concentric Ring Buffering, Freehand Drawing Tools and Sectors.

  • Radius – The Radius tool allows the customer to draw an evenly shaped circle from any point on his/her maps.
  • Concentric Ring Buffering – Allows the customer to call any size radius from the inner most point outward. Citizens closest to the emergency will get called first. This method is exclusive in emergency notification to FirstCall Network’s advanced mapping and telephone notification system.
  • Freehand Drawing Tool – The customer can send his/her message to any irregular area by outlining the exact location on the map.
  • Sector – Any pre-determined district, grid, shape, railroad, pipeline, etc. (regular or irregular shapes). FirstCall will create sectors according to the customer’s specifications.