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FIRSTCALL ALERT allows users on the move to receive potential life-saving emergency notifications and weather alerts on their IOS devices based on their current location anywhere in the country. The moment the user is within a designated alert area, a warning message instantly appears on their device showing their location in relation to the event. Connecting emergency managers with citizens and their GPS enabled devices during an event provides unprecedented capability in communication that allow all emergency personnel and the citizens they protect to work as a team.


  • Alerts can be sent through either a fixed group or geographic area
  • The App has the ability to set up geo-fences around a region or area as small as a quarter mile
  • When a citizen running the app crosses a border set by an emergency manager, they instantly receive the alert
  • Limit notifications received by persons out of an impacted area and inform persons that enter of emergency information that they may be unaware of
  • Administrators have the power to reach groups or individuals by their GIS location to deliver the right message to the right person during a crisis.
  • The results show who has seen the message as well as where they were located.
  • Instantly know how many team members you have in the area.
  • Quickly pull up contact information for persons in an affected area.