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Computer Alert for Desktop Service runs in the background of stationary PC devices and allows emergency directors to send and receive messages immediately to specific personnel in the affected emergency areas of the facility with real time feedback and control. The director can easily filter messaging and specify how the message will be shown on the receiving screen in the event a particular incident or intruder is in the area of notification. All communication is encrypted using US military strength encryption processes, preventing interception of messages or sending of unauthorized messages.

FirstCall's Computer Alert for Desktop Service is for desktop computers, laptops, Digital Signage, and Windows Mobile based phones. Our Computer Alert is a client-based application. It delivers real-time, visible instant pop-up notification alerts so that critical information is displayed on any type of video display. The alert will temporarily preempt what is on the screen and instantly display the full-screen alert message – regardless of what the user is doing.

Our 2-way communication feature, BlurtBack, allows you to be tuned into the eyes and ears of everyone sitting in any office or room. They can tell you what is happening at the hot spot during the incident. You have real-time feedback and control. You can monitor, manage, and direct your incident all in real-time and respond to changing events. Later, you can review all critical response report data from the incident in detail.

If an intruder enters a building and forces his way into a room you can have the upper hand by knowing what the intruder is doing second by second.

Computer Alert for Desktop Service overrides and preempts with a real-time, visible instant pop-up notification to all video screens. You can give users specific instructions and information so that everyone knows what action to take.