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06 - 07 - 2011

Mobile Reverse 911 ready for operation

Mobile Reverse 911 ready for operation Photo

System online and ready to inform during emergency

MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) - Mobile County's Emergency Notification System is ready to go. The system is online, staffers are trained, and the phone numbers are programmed.

Operations director John Kilcullen explained step by step how the web-based system works.

"This is a great tool. We are great to have it," said Kilcullen.

Using Dauphin Island as an example, Kilcullen set the parameters to notify people in that area.

He then typed a message and decided whether the notification should be a voice call, text message or email.

For demonstration purposes, he sent an alert to FOX10 News.

Within five minutes, the system sent a text message, made an automated voice call and delivered an email to the FOX10 inbox.

"This gives us the capability to remind people that action is required in the event of a hurricane threatened our area," he said.

The new system was installed in March after a FOX10 News investigation uncovered documents showing funding for the old system ran out in 2010.

Now the new system is ready to inform.

"This is something we are looking forward having [available] to us this hurricane season and we intend to use it," said Kilcullen.

Emergency management leaders only have land line phone numbers that are listed.

If you have an unlisted number or cell phone, or if you want an email sent to your inbox, you have to register that information online .

Also, a plan of action was developed to use this system. You can view the emergency notification guidelines here .


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