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Higher Education

Students live in a world of constant status updates, posts and a steady stream of text messages. At FirstCall we embrace the ever-changing communication methods of our youth and provide emergency information in a manner that fits their lifestyle. Combining simultaneous multi-channel notifications of voice, text and email with automated social media updates and Desktop Alerts on each campus computer, we ensure that all students stay informed.

Following a disaster, effort shifts from protecting life and property to the institutions mission of educating students. Included with each account is the employee check-in-system. Personnel receive automated phone calls and/or texts that guide the employee through a list of questions that start with an update on their safety status and location and end with their expected date of returning to work. The employee responses are available in real time and may be viewed globally or down to a specific employee record to aid administration, faculty and staff in their efforts to continue educating students in an orderly fashion.