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Instantly Notifying Everyone

FirstCall immediately and concurrently delivers emergency alerts to citizens via our time tested Emergency Notification Service by selecting contacts with precise pinpoint accuracy.

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Alert to the Source

Immediately notify at risk employees in a time of crisis directly to their digital devices & notify on-call personnel (HazMat teams or first responders) all within seconds.

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Business Continuity

Adopting our suite of communication and collaboration tools within your company’s Emergency Operations Plan, ensures the safety of your employees and the viability of your business; before during and after a disaster.

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Protect Students Wherever They Are

FirstCall connects with students through a multitude of digital platforms, including social media and desktop alerts. No matter where the student is or what they are viewing, FirstCall can alert them in seconds.

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FirstCall immediately delivers emergency ALERTS to first responders, citizens and the EOC staff within seconds via Phones Cellular Devices Text Messaging Email Info Lines Pagers Computer Desktops Signage TTY/TDD devices Social Media Platforms

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